Success Stories

Hear from some of our previous and current patients about their experiences at Trend

“Thank you, Kristen!”

Six years ago, I developed CRPS, a rare neurological disorder that causes severe pain and disability. I could barely walk even a few steps without being overcome by unbearable pain.

I tried everything from medications to sympathetic nerve blocks, yet only felt very mild relief. After nearly a year of disability, a friend recommended that I see Kristen at Trend Acupuncture.

After just a few treatments, my pain was brought down dramatically. Eventually, after several more treatments, the pain disappeared completely! Not only can I walk pain free, but I am currently training to run a 5K.

Acupuncture gave me my life back. Thank you, Kristen!

Megan L
5 stars
“Kristen was AWESOME!”

I have had reoccurring back problems including a surgery 3 years ago. My back began to act up again this fall. An MRI showed no damage but the doctors couldn’t tell what was causing the pain.

They said they thought my nerves were sensitive. I called Trend and setup an appointment 2 weeks ago. Kristen was AWESOME!!!

She spent time trying to find out what was causing the pain and explaining what she was doing the whole time. Turns out my hamstring was so tight it was pulling on my back causing back, hip and leg pain.

During my first treatment I could feel the pain start to melt away! I couldn’t believe it and was so happy and relieved to have a direction to work on. I have had 3 treatments so far and the difference from before my first one to now is night and day! I will be continuing my treatments going forward.

I would HIGHLY recommend Trend acupuncture. And if you are like me, frustrated with doctors trying things that never seem to work why not try this centuries old treatment and see for yourself that it works.

Scott M
5 stars
“Changed my life”

I started seeing Kristen almost 2 years ago and although I was skeptical at the start,

I have to say acupuncture has changed my life in so many ways...

it helps to calm my stress and anxiety along with helping to straighten out some medical concerns.

I highly recommend giving acupuncture with Kristen a try! 5 stars all around.

Nina C
5 stars

Had my 1st treatment today and it was amazing!

The office is beautiful and so relaxing! Kristin did such a great job and is very friendly and professional.

I highly recommend Trend Acupuncture!

Shannon B
5 stars
“A great listener”

I began receiving care from Kirsten two years ago as a mechanism to help reduce side effects from medication and complex cancer treatments.

Best decision I ever made for my health!

I find Kristen to be very intuitive, a great listener, always seeking feedback to best treat you and is a pivotal part of my wellness.

I went from having daily pain following surgery to zero. Kristin worked with me over several months, many of which I was not feeling well. Acupuncture reduced all of my symptoms and medication side effects significantly during treatment.

She helped me realize the value of a whole person health and to improve my body self awareness. She is a health detective—-finding and connecting information—putting a name to symptoms.

I always feel better after appointments.

I highly recommend Kristen and her team!

For sure a 11/10 on a survey scale.

Heather B
5 stars
“I am so glad I called”

I have dealt with migraines for 15 years. They we’re debilitating and affecting my daily life. I was taking many days off from work and missing out on family events. I was at my wits end.

I am so glad I called Trend and met with Kristen. She took the time to listen to me and answer my questions. She has so much knowledge.

I am 2 months into treatment and can happily report my migraines are less constant and less intense. I can do things again I finally have hope.

Thank you Kristen and the staff at Trend.

Sarah P
5 stars

After 10 sessions my lower back pain was completely gone.... and it hasn't come back.

I can't say enough about Trend. The staff is welcoming and Kristen is amazing.

I still go to acupuncture monthly in order to prevent further injuries and keep my back feeling great.

Michael M
5 stars