March 13, 2014
"I totally recommend Trend Acupuncture! 15 + years of almost unbearable pain, 4 invasive injections, hours of PT, only to have my pain disappear with only 4 visits to Kristen. I know it may not work for everyone and not for every ailment but I'm sold!!! Kristen doesn't just go through the motions. She really believes in what she is doing and cares about her patients! You owe it to yourself to try it." BR

March 24, 2014
"MY FIRST Appointment today was AMAZING!
Totally blew me away! NO HOCUS POCUS there! Going back when I leave the sunshine state!!! WOW is all I can say...I am learning knew things! If you know anyone with aches and pains, get your checkbook and go see Kristen! Any crazy ailments...She's your answer!" RGB

May 17, 2014
"Daily back and neck pain have been present in my life for 3 decades now. Needless to say, I have tried everything modern medicine threw at me with no lasting results and more often than not, a foggy head. After spending this past winter in recurring and debilitating pain, I finally acquiesced to my best friend’s advice and decided to try acupuncture. On opening day, I became one of Kristen Hannigan Markwith’s first clients. Not only have I found acupuncture to be extremely helpful for reducing and even eliminating my pain for days on end, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kristen. She is effective, positive, and thoughtful in her treatments; she listens carefully, is determined to make a difference, and is dedicated to her profession. I highly recommend Trend Acupuncture to anyone who has given up hope in finding relief from their ailments. There is hope in joining the Trend." SB

June 5, 2014
"Prior to my treatment at Trend Acupuncture I experienced constant and unbearable pain in the scalp area of my head. I tried several treatments, all of different varieties, and nothing had even a small effect. Having never had an acupuncture treatment prior to my Trend experience, I was unsure of how it worked. Kristen's professional and knowledgable attention to my symptoms immediately put me at ease. After a thorough consultation, Kristen recommend the tack course of treatment for my situation. I immediately felt relief as the treatment progressed and Kristen did not conclude the treatment until my pain was totally taken care of. Kristen cared deeply for all of my concerns and did not hesitate to answer my many questions in a straight forward and informative matter. I highly recommend Kristen if you are looking for an acupuncture professional that will be dedicated to your needs and provide a memorable and effective treatment, Kristen at Trend Acupuncture is the place for you!" AP

August 17, 2014
"When I started coming to Trend, I only half believed Acupuncture would work. I mean after all, sticking some needles in me is going to improve my breathing? I was already on 2 long term inhalers and a rescue inhaler that I was taking about 4 times a day and I still could not walk a flight of stairs without stopping 2-3 times. When I went home and went upstairs after the first treatment, I realized I had made it without stopping and I wasn’t even short of breath. And my breathing has gotten much better since. I highly recommend Trend to anyone!" KL

September 28, 2015
"After the first session, I felt immediate relief for a short time. It felt like a miracle when I took my first step without pain in half a year. After several sessions, the duration of the relief lasted even longer, for weeks instead of hours. Before acupuncture, my pain level would fluctuate from a 4 to a 10 while walking. Now, it fluctuates from a 0 to a 3, with most days being a 0 or a 1. I am now able to walk several miles pain free, and continue to improve every week, combining physical therapy and acupuncture. While the nerve disorder I developed is incurable, the acupuncture helps me manage the pain and lead a normal life again. Kristen has given me my life back. I can even play soccer with my kids, which I never thought would be possible.
Acupuncture helps with my pain more than any other medication I've tried, with no side effects. The community acupuncture is also very affordable. It is worth trying. It could change your life." ML

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